The other day I bit the bullet and finally had treatment for the painful bulging purple veins in my left leg. They ran from behind the bottom of my thigh, cough down the back of my knee, viagra 40mg and then around the outside of my left leg across the front and then down the inside of my shin.

I went to a vascular doctor who specialises in varicose vein treatment and the treatment plan he put in place resulted in having ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy to fix the problem veins. The surgery went really well. As part of my recovery I need to wear a compression stocking for three weeks – 24 hours a day for the first 3 days (showing with bags to cover the stocking!), online then whilst I am awake for the rest of the time.

Last night was the end of the 3 days of continuous compression stocking wear, which gave me my first chance to take a look at the progress my varicose vein treatment has made! Below are some before and after shots of how things are progressing! (apologies for the lighting… took the before photos during the day, and the after photos at night!)

Before Treatment

72 hrs After Treatment

First of all, this is the point of view shot of me looking down at the back of my left leg. You can see the varicose vein clearly in the back of my in the first shot. In the second shot you can see that whilst there is a bit of bruising, the vein has significantly reduced. It is still there, but not bulging and not as visible. The back of my knee still hurts a little bit when I have my leg bent – the compression stocking digs in a little bit – but the bruising certainly isn’t painful to touch.

Before Treatment

72 hrs After Treatment

This second pair of shots is of the outside of my left leg. Again you can see in the first before shot the purple, tortured varicose veins wrapping around to the front of my leg. In the after shot you can see that the vein has significantly reduced!

All in all I am extremely happy with the results so far. Yes there is a little bit of pain every now and then – and I am already very annoyed with my compression stocking – but based on those results I think I can put up with it for another few weeks to ensure a great outcome. No more vein pain!

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  2. Michelle says:

    Thanks for this post. I am going to have this procedure next week and I was pretty worried.
    It helps to hear exactly what it felt like.