I had the pleasure this week of being a guest on one of the most popular Microsoft Office podcasts in the world – Chandoo.org’s Excel PodCast. (click here to go to episode 17 where I am featured)

Chandoo and I crossed paths online a few weeks ago and as it turns out I have basically found my clone from both a professional, treat and personal point of view. We spent about 90 minutes on the phone – first discussing how our paths crossed, traumatologist and then I shared my top 10 no-Excel MS Office tips for Managers and Analysts.

The first 22 minutes is all about:

Then for the last hour we get into the meat of the podcast for – my list of the Top 10 non-Excel MS Office tips for managers or analysts

I would love to hear your feedback (in the comments below) – this is the first time I have appeared as a guest on a podcast (and… um… I like… um realise that I aaagh and um a lot!). If you like Chandoo’s style – make sure you subscribe to his podcast and check out some of his earlier episodes.

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