Last week I posted about how I deconstructed Three Minute Thesis pitches to help craft my own 3MT presentation.  Well, look I thought I would share the results with you…

Firstly, health here is the slide that I used to support my topic – which explores how technology influences how we all construct the boundary between work and life…

I tried to make it as simple as possible (and not too busy).  I didn’t waste my audience’s attention with my name, one health my supervisors names, or the title of my thesis.  All I was trying to do was convey exactly what my topic was all about.  Even without me talking about the subject most of the audience would have understood what my topic was about.  The feedback from the judging panel suggests that I hit the nail on the head re: the slide.

When it came to the content and the delivery, again very good feedback, and breaking down the structure of the 3MT presentation into what I discovered when I reviewed winning entries certainly contributed to that.  Starting with a story that everyone could relate to certainly got the attention of the 20 strong audience on the day – lots of eye contact, lots of smiles, lots of nods – was great to see!

But…The dream is over!  Well.  I can’t really complain, I managed to snag a second place (out of seven) in a photo finish during the QUT Business School heat for the 2014 3MT Three Minute Thesis competition.  To be honest the winner was very good and deserved to go through – and her thesis really pulled at the heartstrings!  The feedback from the judges which set my presentation and the winner’s apart came down to one simple thing – she articulated her research question a bit better than I did.

As Maxwell Smart would say… “Missed it, by that much…”

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